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Pepe & I

Pepe & I

Once upon a time, when we still had employment contracts in Spain, I worked as a sociologist in the education field, after some years doing research at the University but without  founds to continue. Nowadays, I work in the common grounds between language, art and politics, writing and creating collective interventions at public spaces through performances and geolocated narratives and literary soundwalks. I earn a living by working on the educational field, especially with adolescents, and giving English lessons. I do some translation and editing when possible.

Since 2011, I have worked on geolocated sound narratives, stories woven while wandering around a territory listening to recorded texts mixed with sounds, in a way that each person creates a specific narrative depending on their itinerary and their physical experience.

Since 2014, I have focused on two publishing projects: Relatos Marranos (Pol·len, 2014), an anthology of postporn short stories and poems written by feminist activists, artists, writers & non-writers that brings together different sexuality issues in a wide range of genres; and Ciutat Morta. Crónica del caso 4F (M.Huidobro, 2016), a  collective chronicle of the tragical state repression suffered by two queer closed friends told as a navigation in a maze whose Ariadna’s threads are irony, metaphors, poems, illustrations, testimonies, official documents and sociological & political analysis.

Nowadays I am running workshops on performative readings of the Chthulucene Manifesto from Santa Cruz by Donna Haraway, to foster illegitimate offsprings, such as a collective performative reading which took place at Rencontres Bandits Mages (November 2016) and another one which will be held at the International Festival of Video and Electronic Art Transtio_MX (Mexico/2017).

I come from South America and settled down in Barcelona in 1991. I prefer attunement (being with the other) to empathy (squatting the other) and cyborg articulations to hierarchical relationships.

I live with my teenage son and our dearest Pepe at the outskirts of Barcelona. From here i/we think, write and live with the hope of making the world a more liveable place.

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2002 MBA (Sociology Research) Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona (Spain)

1998 MBA (Cooperation and Development Policies) Universidad de Barcelona (Spain)

1991 Degree (Political Sciences) Universidad Nacional de Rosario (Argentina)


2014 A l’ombre del lledoner Rol Playing Game at a Catalonian town (a version of PalimpsestoCal Gras, Bages, Barcelona
2013 Artropocode Geolocated sound narrative, Santiago de Compostela, Galiza
2012 LABoral Centro de Arte Geolocated sound narrative, Gijón, Asturias


2016 It’s Time for Chthulucene  workshop with Quimera RosaNadège Piton / Rencontres Bandits Mages (Emmetrop, Bourges, Francia) / performance

2014 En principio fue el huerto (In the beginning was the garden). Sound walking literary itinerary for Biblioteques de Barcelona

2014 El patio de mi casa (In my backyard). Performance with own poems. Festival Ulls Sadolls y Miradas de Mujeres. Librería Los Oficios Terrestres, Palma de Mallorca
2013 Emocorporashion, an emotional cartography / geolocated sound narrative as a cartography of the encounter
2013 Warcelona. Soundwalk for the book Warcelona, una historia de violencia
2013 Yes, We Fuck. Documentary on queer/cripple sexuality / text for Post_Op video
2013 Cyborg_game: Tapper Kombucha.(Colectivo Minipimer.tv) Hangar & Medialab Prado / interactive performative game at public spaces
2012 SerendipiaExhibition at  LaboralCentro de Arte & Semana Negra Gijón . Geolocated sound narrative on feminism, war, love, death & geopolitics located at a historical Gijón cemetery
2012 Reality Creation Kit. La Porta / multidisciplinary toolkit to re-think reality
2012 Donde yo mando / video clip on the body as a territory to inhabit
2011 Conversaciones improbables Medialab Prado. Interpellation to passerby at public spaces to generate improbable conversations
2011 Baby Alien / short film on motherhood & sexuality  [this video has been delated from all servers… even it does not contain any explicit images]
2011 159. Exhibition at LABoral Centro de arte. Gijón / geolocated sound walk
2011 Ecosex Silver Wedding to the Rocks.CCCB / writing of homily & performative presentation of the event
2009 U.k.I. A viral performance. Hangar / a sequel to Shu Lea Cheang‘s cyberpunk feature I.K.U
2008 Street basquet. Akwaba Foundation / getting along at public spaces with the help of music & sports
2008 Hiphopnautas.El Cine Secreto / strengthening adolescence self esteem through dancing, music and audiovisual representation
2007 Todos tenemos la sangre roja (We all have red blood). Akwaba Foundation & El cine secreto / short film
2008-2003 Desacuerdos. Macba /UNIA / Arteleku / performances, lectures and workshops around art, politics and public sphere in Spain.
selected published writing
2017 The Call of Chthulus. Mutating Ecologies in Contemporary Art” (Preliminary version). Edicions de la Universitat de Barcelona (upcoming publication)
2016 Ciutat Morta. Crónica del caso 4F. Coedición con Katu y Mariana Huidobro
2014 Relatos marranos. Antología. Pol·len Edicions. Coedición junto con Aida I. de Prada
2014 Aisha en las alcantarillas. Revista Hysteria.
2014 Das Glashaus. Revista Hysteria.
2013 El amor en los tiempos del fakebook. En Miriam Solá y Elena-Urko (comp.). Transfeminismos. Epistemes, Fricciones y Flujos. Ed. Txalaparta.
2013 Paseando tortugas en el siglo XXI: historia de una narrativa sonora geolocalizada, Revista Eufonía Didáctica de la música, Arte sonoro, nº 58, julio, agosto, septiembre
2012 Ment#3. Artes escénicas, performatividad y barrio. La calderabooksprint 
2011“Fukushima desde las ventanas del manifiesto cyborg”, Diagonal, nº 147
2010 Autopsia de una langosta. Melusina
2007 “Historias de pasajes, asilos y laberintos” hartza.com & Contrapoder, nº10
2007 “Representacions i règims de veritat sobre allò masculí”. Masculinitats per al S.XXI
2005 “Ciborqueers, o de cómo deshacer al homo sapiens”. En Teoría queer, Ed. Egales
2004 “Ciencia ficción y feminismo: Figuraciones” Athenea digitalnº 6
2004 “¿Sastres o modelos? La constitución de las identidades”Historia Actual,3/93-97 
2017 Performative reading of the Chthulucene Manifesto. Exposition Recomposicions Maquíniques. Curatorship by Christian Maal. Centre Cívic Can/Barcelona
2016 It’s Time for Chthulucene. Critical & performative reading of the Chthulucen Manifesto from Santa Cruz, by Donna Haraway / with Quimera RosaNadège PitonRencontres Bandits MagesEmmetrop / Bourges, Francia
2016  Writing History from a Feminist Perspective / colectivo Zikutak / Iruña
2016 Cracking public opinion with language / colectivo Zikutak / Iruña
2016 Reading Club on the Manifesto Chthuluceno / monthly gatherings at Librería La Caníbal
2014 & 2015 Creative postporn writing (Barcelona, Asturias, Iruña)
2013 Narrativas espaciales. Nau-Art, Barcelona
2012 Frankenstein at 21st centuryLocative sound narratives. LABoral High School. Gijón
2012 Aviso de emergencia. Locative sound narratives / Muestra Internacional de Música y Audiovisuales avanzados. Alicante
2011 Languaje: an open source technology Feminist creative writing. Bbokshoops & social and art centres throught Spain
2010-2009 Learning strategies against gender violence through performance and cinema Fundación Pere Tarrés &“La Caixa” / high schools throughout Spain
2009 Geneatech.org / Valencia / performances and workshops around the crosses between new technologies and gender
2008-2005 Xarxa socioeducational project on identities, art & new technologies.Akwaba Foundation / Center for young people at risk of social exclusion / L’Hospitalet
2007-2006 Canals Multi-media socioeducational project for community entanglement.Akwaba Foundation, L’Hospitalet
2004 Technologies of gender. Lectures, audiovisual creation & performative practices. Macba
2004–2003 Visual culture practices on high school. An educational programme and workshops for educators. Macba
2004- present / Freelance translator 
2016 Manifiesto Chthuluceno Donna Haraway / Laboratory Planet / translation
2016 Ciutat Morta. Crónica del caso 4F. Helen Torres y Mariana y Katu Huidobro/editing
2014 Relatos marranos. Antología. Pol·len Edicions / editing
2013 Bye Bye Blondie, Virginie Despantes. Pol·len / editing
2004-2007 Traductora freedlance editorial UOC (Universitat Oberta de Catalunya)
2004.Testigo_Modesto@Segundo_Milenio. DonnaHaraway,UOC (BCN) / translation

teaching  & researching locations 

2009-2010 iiEDG Interuniversity Institute for Women’s Studies / management assistant & researcher
2006 PEI Independent Studies Programme. Macba / graduate seminar on Donna Haraway
2004 Postgraduate in Philosophy. UNED / professor
2000-2005 Doctorate in Social Psychology. UAB / professor, assistant & researcher

contact helenlafloresta@gmail.com

blog http://helenlafloresta.tumblr.com/



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